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KNPR – “California Is Expunging Pot-Related Convictions – Is Nevada Next?”

While it’s still illegal to possess marijuana under federal law, more than half the states in the union allow the sale of pot products for medical use.  Nevada is among eight states and the District of Columbia where adults 21 and older can also purchase the drug for recreational use. 

In California and Washington, where recreational weed is also legal, some jurisdictions are now reducing the extent of – and even erasing – past marijuana-related convictions.  

“The key is there a way we can focus on the marijuana convictions themselves because obviously why should you punish somebody for doing something that is currently legal,” Sen. Tick Segerblom said.

There is another interesting piece of the law that Segerblom finds ironic. Under Nevada law, someone with a felony conviction for marijuana can’t be part of the marijuana industry.

“If you have a felony conviction for marijuana, you can’t participate in the marijuana business, even though that would be probably one of the best qualifiers or experience to be in the marijuana business,” he said.

Segerbloom said on April 20 – or 4/20, which is a number associated with marijuana, there will be free law clinics at some dispensaries to help people with marijuana convictions get those convictions expunged.

“On 4/20, I am working with the dispensary association and with NORML to have free legal advice, or at least free advice, at the dispensaries so anyone who has a conviction or knows someone who has a conviction on their record, if they want to know what they can do, think about going to one of these dispensaries and there will be people there that can at least start the process for them,” Segerblom said.

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Check back soon for more details about the 4/20 event.



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