Senator Tick Segerblom For County Commission District E

Tick’s Marijuana Policy

Tick’s Marijuana Policy

Nevadans voted overwhelmingly to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2016, and immediately afterward Tick began work to insure the policy was enacted as quickly and smartly as possible.

Segerblom had spent years working to make Nevada the premier destination for legal cannabis use. While in the state legislature, he drafted regulations that allowed the state’s medical marijuana industry to become the country’s gold standard for cannabis cultivation, handling and taxation. Tick co-sponsored a medical marijuana bill in 2013 after research trips to states like Colorado and Washington, drafting a regulatory regime inspired by best practices around the nation.

Building on this experience, Tick helped Nevada dispensaries begin selling their product to adults over the age of 21 just seven months into the recreational marijuana law’s enactment, in July 2017.

Nevada now has a booming cannabis industry that is carefully monitored, safe, and highly profitable for private businesses and the public. As a member of the Clark County Commission, Segerblom would help the industry continue to grow. He believes Las Vegas can be the most popular travel destination for marijuana tourism in the world if tourists can smoke in specially-zoned public venues. Tick drafted bills that would allow for licensed pot lounges and marijuana-friendly music venues, hotels and parks.

Segerblom would also like to see:

  • A system that helps civilians who have marijuana-related criminal charges get their records cleaned.
  • Efforts to encourage diversity in the marijuana industry, incentivizing women and people of color to become entrepreneurs.
  • Updates, when necessary, to Nevada’s top-tier standard for plant testing, handling, and taxation to make sure the product is safe and of strong fiscal benefit to the public.

This is about freedom and economic prosperity for Tick. Though not a regular marijuana user himself, he has enjoyed cannabis and believes the US made a big mistake criminalizing it in the past.

His work helping shepherd the industry to its current state inspired one dispensary, Euphoria Wellness in Las Vegas, to name a pot strain “Segerblom Haze”, writing in a press release that: “Senator Segerblom really has been the father of medical marijuana here in Nevada; he has fought the battle. He has proven to be quite potent on this issue and I’m sure that was in the back of the growers’ minds when they were producing the strain.”

It’s said to be “energetic and uplifting” bud.

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